Using Biosuperfood (BSF)

The suggestions and recommendations below aren’t intended as a protocol to treat, prevent, or mitigate disease. If you have a health concern, consult a licensed healthcare practitioner, preferably one who knows about BioSuperfoods and its usage

Holistic Approach

If one wants to use Biosuperfood as per Hippocrates’ advice “Let thy food be thy medicine”, then one must let go of the palliative mindset (a specific remedy for a specific symptom) in favor of the holistic approach (remedy aimed at the whole of health and the root cause of the symptom). Transitioning from our palliative training to the holistic one involves faith, trust, wisdom, and experience. Faith and trust are innate, while wisdom and experience are acquired. The holistic approach in the context of Biosuperfood means that you are going to nourish the body with a certain quantity of Biosuperfood in order to derive whole-body benefits, which include energy, growth, repair, cleansing, protection, and regeneration.

Selection of formulation(s) and quantity of capsules per day

There are three Biosuperfood formulations, and each one contains the four algae and their thousands of nutrients occurring in different proportions or distributions. Due to these differences, each formula results in nutraceutical value and effects, as described in the section on formulations.

Select which formulation(s) to use based on the description found in the section Formulations and the following criteria:

The first thing to consider when using Biosuperfood is that “you have to eat some to derive benefits”. BSF is a micro-food with mega-nutrients that deliver more or less nutritional results and benefits based on the quantity consumed.

In general, one can consume anywhere from one capsule up to twenty capsules per day (of a single formulation or a mix of formulations) and derive benefits accordingly.

The suggested average lies at 9 capsules per day. Like with food “no one food or quantity of food fits all”. As per any other diet or nutritional program, flexibility and respect for individual biochemistry are recommended. Whereas some people need to take a higher dose to perceive benefits, others will find that they are best served by a lower dose.

One usually starts an adaptation period by taking 2 capsules a day and increases the amount by 2 capsules every 5 days until one takes the amount one is aiming for. After a number of weeks, usually 4 to 6, one will have a clearer impression of one’s response, and one can then adjust accordingly.


Adaptation Period

It is recommended to begin taking the product gradually. Select the adaptation mode that best fits your health condition.


Start the program gradually in cases of high blood pressure, pregnancy, cardiovascular issues, fragile intestine, brain injury, hyperthyroidism, candida, or any other fragile health condition. Start with one capsule a day. Add 1 capsule every 7–10-day period until the desired dosage is reached. Take one capsule at a time.


Start with 1 capsule twice per day for the first 5 days, then adjust the dose by adding 1 capsule each day.


The therapeutic dosage should be followed for 3-6 months. Degenerative conditions that took decades to develop may require a program duration of 6–24 months. The maintenance dosage can be followed afterward.

The decision on which formula(s) and how many capsules to take will also depend on the following criteria:

If you have any doubts, we suggest that before you start using Biosuperfood, consult these guidelines. If further assistance is needed, please feel free to reach out.

As a daily support and renewal tonic

To maintain optimum health, in support of general nutrition, diet, energy, and replacement of most supplements, take 6 to 12 capsules per day of either one formula or of a mix of two formulas. If you select to take a mix of two formulas, make the ratio 1 capsule of formulation F2 to 1 capsule of formulation F3.

To maintain the health of children or infants, formulation F1 is often sufficient if no particular health issues are at stake. A lower dose, depending on the age of the individual, may suffice.

During the early stages of physical imbalances

For those seeking greater nutritional support and energy production in order to assist the body in reversing the degenerative process, it is recommended to take from 9 to 16 capsules per day of either one formula or a mix of two formulas. If you have elected to take a mix of two formulas, make the ratio 1 capsule of Formula F2 to 2 capsules of Formula F3.

For maximum support

It is ideal for those seeking greater nutritional support and energy production during certain therapies and different states of a compromised system. It promotes overall health by replenishing nutrients that may be depleted during chemotherapy and radiation. The recommended use is 16 to 24 capsules per day of either one formula or a mix of two formulas. If you have elected to take a mix of two formulas, make the ratio 1 capsule of Formula F2 to 3 capsules of Formula F3. Often, for maximum support, one will elect to take only Formula F3.

For performance in sports, bodybuilding, athletics, and general fitness

To increase stamina, energy, and strength, recover from exercises, and prevent injuries, the recommended use is from 12 to 16 capsules per day of either one formula or a mix of two formulas. If you have elected to take a mix of two formulas, make the ratio 1 capsule of Formula F2 to 2 capsules of Formula F3. Prior to, during, and after workouts, take additional capsules as needed.

Quantity per intake and distribution

Clinical and experimental observations over the years have shown that a small quantity taken frequently is more effective than a larger quantity taken less frequently. As a rule, it is best to take no more than one to two capsules per intake. In doing so, one can achieve equivalent or better results with less quantity overall. This delivers regular supplementation of nutrients and supports metabolism.

The body can absorb the algae more fully if the capsules are taken on an empty stomach, but there is no harm in taking them during a meal if one has forgotten to take them before or if other circumstances make that preferable.

One can also open the capsules and mix the contents with light foods like fruit juices.

Take each Biosuperfood capsule with at least 1/2 a glass of water.
They can also be broken open and the powder added to water.
If this is not possible, the powder can be added to other drinks or foods. Water is preferable.


Biosuperfood is a micro-food and will combine well with other vitamins, herbs, green foods, and various diets. There are no known contraindications to pharmaceutical drugs.

In cases of hypertension, varicose veins, Alzheimer’s, pregnancy, or other fragile conditions, the recommendation is to start with either BSF F1 or BSF F2 and to begin using only one capsule per day while increasing progressively every 10 days with one capsule more per day. If you are uncertain or your condition is severe, it is best to consult with your health professional before taking this product.

These guidelines are based on information gathered from years of empirical research conducted or managed by Dr. Michael Kiriac in the U.S.S.R. from 1973 to 1996, from use and research conducted in Canada since 1996, and more recently from the input of practitioners and customers both in Canada and in the U.S.A. about their usage of BioSuperfood (BSF) and BioPreparation with animals.


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