The BiosSuperfood formulas work at the very core of degenerative conditions, providing nutritional support that aids in prevention, growth, and repair, and facilitates recovery from a range of health issues.
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The Best Just Got Better: Biosuperfood is Even More powerful!

Biosuperfood is even more powerful with formula K

What’s up with the new ‘k’ version?

You may have received and noticed that the three BioSuperfood formulas—f1, f2, and f3—now have “k” added to their names. After three decades on the market with an award-winning formula, what prompted BioSuperfood’s inventor, Dr. Michael Kiriac, to decide to upgrade his acclaimed BioSuperfood formulas?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the world was left grappling with the long-term effects of the virus, lockdowns, and restrictions. Many people experienced damage from fear, stress, viral, and vaccine effects:

  • Increasing multiple allergies
  • Low energy and depression
  • Lingering post-COVID infection symptoms
  • COVID-19 vaccine side effects
  • Flu and cold infections
  • Bacterial and viral infections

Biosuperfood is even more powerful

In response to this crisis, Dr. Michael Kiriac, the scientist and developer of the BioSuperfood formulas, became increasingly concerned about the ever-changing, mutating, post-pandemic world. Recognizing the need for a more efficient immune support system, he decided to reformulate all BioSuperfood Microalgae formulas in 2021.

Working with his laboratory and in cooperation with Health Canada, Dr. Kiriac embarked on a mission to enhance the formulas to deliver faster and more responsive immune support. 

Biosuperfood : Taking a Winning Formula to the Next Level: Formula 'k' Packs a Punch! Biosuperfood is Even More powerful

Taking a Winning Formula to the Next Level: Formula K Packs a Punch!

All these long-named compounds are nature’s best artillery

The improvements we achieved by changing the ratio of carotenoids like alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, gamma-carotene, lycopene, zeaxanthin, lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin, phycocyanin, xanthophylls, astaxanthin, and more. This was accomplished by increasing the amount of Dunaliella salina (orange) and astaxanthin (red) microalgae.  Learn more by unpacking a capsule.

Biosuperfood is Even More powerful with the upgraded K version

Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants that play a key role in our health. They transfer energy to the mitochondria, the powerhouses in our cells, which in turn boost cellular immunity. Carotenoids also neutralize free radicals, protecting cells from damage, and are known to support natural detoxification. They are therefore indispensable for optimal health. Learn more here about how primary antioxidants like Biosuperfood are far more effective than secondary ones which are more common.

A key benefit of the carotenoids in BioSuperfood Microalgae is their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier more efficiently than other foods. This allows them to nourish and energize critical brain areas like the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. By crossing this barrier, these nutrients can directly support brain health and function. And so, these carotenoids are essential for optimal health.

Why the ‘invader’ approach doesn’t strengthen your immunity

While the invader approach which focuses on killing all microorganisms in our environment, may temporarily reduce the number of harmful pathogens in our surroundings, it can also disrupt the delicate balance of microorganisms in our bodies. This can lead to a weakened immune system and increase the risk of infections and diseases. Therefore, the key is to focus on strengthening the human immune system. This is why more and more medical experts are focusing on the source of the symptoms rather than just managing them.

Biosuperfood provides complete cellular nutrition, including all the nutrients needed for boosting immunity or optimal immune function
Biosuperfood provides complete cellular nutrition, including all the nutrients needed for optimal immune function

The root cause, not Symptom Management

The BiosSuperfood formulas work at the very core of degenerative conditions, providing nutritional support that aids in prevention, growth, and repair, and facilitates recovery from a range of health issues. This unique blend of nutrients is unparalleled in its ability to efficiently penetrate the blood-brain barrier without any toxicity, a feat unmatched by any known drugs or supplements.

These formulas also bolster the body’s immune response to a wide array of challenges, including but not limited to food allergens, pollen, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. They provide immune support and aid in the prevention and recovery from damage caused by COVID-19 infections, stress, fear, side effects of COVID-19 vaccinations, and inflammation throughout the body. This makes BiosSuperfood a comprehensive solution for maintaining and enhancing overall health.

Raising the Bar on Quality

Health Canada approved and certified the upgraded formulas, which are now known as F1k, F2k, and F3k, in 2022. Each received a new NPN (Natural Product Number) from Health Canada and has been relabeled with the letter “k” added to differentiate them from the previous formulas. The new formulas F1k, F2k, and F3k have been available in some Countries and parts of the USA since the beginning of January 2023 and will continue to phase out the previous formulas.

Nature’s Ultimate supplement

Incorporating BioSuperfood Microalgae into your daily routine provides your body with the necessary nutrients for prevention, repair, and recovery from various health conditions. Its powerful antioxidant properties support energy transfer to the cell’s mitochondria while also facilitating increased cellular immunity.

With BioSuperfood Microalgae, you can support your body’s natural healing mechanisms and maintain optimal energy and health.

If you’re interested in learning more about this award-winning formula, you can delve into the science behind it. Numerous studies and testimonials attest to its effectiveness, making it a valuable addition to any health regimen.

For more information on the nutrient content of Biosuperfood, read here as we unpack what’s inside each capsule.

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