Ten Most Vital Spirulina Nutrition Facts that Everyone Must Know

Nutritional supplements are one of the most searched food items at present because of their innumerable health benefits. Among all the nutritional supplements available in the market, the best one is Spirulina. Spirulina is a microalga which is consumed for centuries by people because of its dense nutritional value. A lot of popular celebrities endorse Spirulina nowadays. It is also known as the “miracle from the sea”. The Spirulina nutrition facts are so high and it is so rich in the plant pigments, that it was once classified as a plant. Not only it is rich in plant pigments, but it has got a unique capability of photosynthesis just like any other plants.

In our blog, we will focus on what BioSuperfood (BSF) researchers observed about the Spirulina nutrition facts. But before we start the discussion about Spirulina nutrition facts, let us tell you that it is very easy to harvest Spirulina because they grow in microscopic spirals and they stick together. Apart from being one of the best sources of nutrition for human body, Spirulina is also used as a color additive in gum. The US Food and Drug Administration allows manufacturers to use Spirulina as a color additive in gums, candies, and other packaged foods. But the best way to consume this highly nutritious food supplement is in the forms of tablets and capsules. So, basically, you will be able to enjoy the nutritional benefits of Spirulina in many different forms. Now, let us share with you the different Spirulina nutrition facts in detail so that you can appreciate the significance of this wonderful microorganism.

  1. The Most Nutrition-dense Food on the Planet

Spirulina nutrition facts make it evident that nutritional potential of the alga is unparalleled. It is a complete food item available on earth. This is also called as the most “nutrition dense food article on planet”.  It is a complete source of very high-quality protein and Spirulina is compared to eggs for its protein content. The protein content in Spirulina is highly usable and the net protein utilization rate is between 50-61%. This is a pretty high protein utilization rate.

We have already mentioned, among major Spirulina nutrition facts, that this BGA has high protein content. However, its nutritional features don’t end here. It also contains Vitamin B1, which is also known as Thiamin. This vitamin is essential for digestion of fats, enhancing body energy, improving the nerve function, brain function, and eye health. Spirulina is rich in iron content. This is why it is one of the most favorite foods for the vegetarians. Speaking of Spirulina nutrition facts, the iron content available in Spirulina is gentler to the body digestive system compared to the iron content available in meat or other sources of iron. One of the best Spirulina nutrition facts is it is very high in calcium which is more than 26 times the calcium content in milk.

  1. Spirulina Contains Gamma Linolenic Acid and Omega-3s

Spirulina contains the essential fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This is extremely helpful because it contains anti-inflammatory properties, especially when you consume it with the Omega-3 supplements. It is difficult to find GLA in any other food sources and the human body has to create it. Spirulina is one of the few foods which comprise of the natural GLA. It is much better than the vegetable oils because the vegetable oils and other inflammatory compounds prevent the anti-inflammatory effects of the body. This is why the GLA is much safer to consume. And this is exactly the reason why we cannot miss out the GLA content in Spirulina while speaking about the Spirulina nutrition facts.

  1. A Powerhouse of Antioxidants

This is one of the major Spirulina Nutrition facts. The health benefits of Spirulina come from the antioxidant properties. It protects the body cells by eradicating inflammation and other diseases within the body. It reduces the risk of any heart disease because it lowers the bad “LDL” cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. It also promotes the HDL, which is considered as the good cholesterol. When consumed in a bit higher dose, Spirulina also reduces blood pressure. It comprises of lipid-lowering effects on adults whose ages are within the range of 60-87. Though the consumption of Spirulina reduces the level of Cholesterol and other harmful LDL, it does not have any side effects on weight, blood pressure, and the body mass index.

  1. Spirulina Nutrition Facts Depict that it has Detoxification Properties

In their research of Spirulina nutrition facts, BioSuperfood researchers have observed the detoxification benefits of Spirulina. It is excellent in cleansing the heavy metals within the body. Spirulina binds to the heavy metals and removes them. The Spirulina nutrition facts also include removal of radioactive isotopes by Spirulina. It is beneficial as a preventive measure for the radioactivity exposure. If Spirulina is fused with Zinc, it will help in removing arsenic from people who have consumed this harmful element in abnormal quantity. Basically, this one is one of the best anti-poisoning agents.

  1. Superhuman Regeneration

Well, don’t let the fancy adjective get to you. By Superhuman regeneration we mean, Spirulina comprises of an extraordinary polypeptide called phycocyanin. This is a blue pigment of color found in Spirulina and this pigment has got some remarkable features. In simple terms, BSF researchers have observed that Phycocyanin is such a pigment which has the capability to trigger the stem cell generation. For those who don’t know the work function of stem cells, know that a stem cell has the capability to be any cell which the body needs. Stem cells can become blood cells, immune cells, muscle cells and the cells necessary for repairing the damaged ligaments. So, if the stem cells generation process is triggered, then the body has a continuous process of any cell regeneration needed at any point of time.

  1. Eradicating Body Fat and Enhancing Weight Loss Process

Since we are discussing the Spirulina nutrition facts, we cannot miss out the very common health-related issues that people search these days. You must have tried a lot of capsules and tablets for weight loss and fat burning. Some of them will work but most of the tablets come with side effects. This is what makes Spirulina capsules from BSF a unique one. Our body needs essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron and other fatty acids like GLA as we mentioned before. Our body secretes the hunger hormone known as gherlin so that you can bring the nutrient-dense food. But instead, it gets a bagel which doesn’t have the necessary nutrients for the body.

The temporary solution is you are not hungry anymore but the problem is you are hungry again after an hour because the body didn’t get the proper nutrition. When you consume this amazing nutritional supplement, you are offering the body with the necessary nutrients. This will keep you healthy and also enhance the secretion of leptin. The leptin hormone keeps your appetite in check. You will feel good, and the body doesn’t feel the craving for more low-quality food. It also starts to burn fat naturally. And finally, the best part is there are no side effects of Spirulina capsule.

  1. Anti-fungal, Anti-aging and Anti-cancer Effects:

The compounds found in Spirulina inhibit HIV 1 replication within human-derived T-Cells and also in human blood mononuclear cells. Apart from this, Spirulina also generates anti-cancer causing cells, also known as the Natural Killer (NK) cells. In a study in the US, Spirulina extracts were observed to reduce the multiplication of oral cancer cells completely. It contains beta-Carotene which, when applied to tumors, eradicates the tumors completely or reduces their size significantly. And we have already mentioned among Spirulina nutrition facts that it is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent any DNA damage and the premature aging of cells.

  1. Spirulina Nutrition Facts Show it Helps in Blood Pressure and Sugar Reduction

High blood pressure is one of the major reasons of multiple killer diseases which incorporates heart attack, chronic kidney disease resulting in kidney failure and strokes. Consuming a dose of 4.5 grams of Spirulina reduces the blood pressure among individuals. Spirulina increases the production of nitric oxide. It helps the blood vessels relax and dilate. Spirulina nutrition facts also state that it is a good blood sugar controlling agent. In a study, 25 patients who were diagnosed with diabetes were given 2 grams of Spirulina daily. The results showed an impressive reduction in blood sugar levels. HbA1c, the marker for long-term blood sugar levels decreased from 9% to 8%. It might not look like a massive reduction, but even 1% reduction in this marker, reduces the risk of death by diabetes by 21%.

  1. It Works as an Anti-allergen

Spirulina nutrition facts constitute yet another professional testimony from Heather Mangieri about this nutritional supplement. Since it has got anti-inflammatory properties, Spirulina is one of the best treatments for allergies. Allergies are very common among people, but it can cause health issues which disrupts the daily life. In a study, it was observed that consuming 2 grams of Spirulina reduced the cytokine IL-4 levels. The cytokine IL-4 enhanced the inflammatory effects in the body. Thus, Spirulina prevented the nasal allergies. Considering the long-term effects of Spirulina, it was observed in Spirulina nutrition facts that, consuming 2 grams of Spirulina daily for 6 months will eradicate the nasal allergies completely. The long-term effect grows stronger and in future, there will be no chances of catching up nasal allergy again.

  1. Prevents Skeletal Muscle Damage during Exercise-induced Oxidative Stress

To test more of Spirulina nutrition facts, researchers tested its effects on preventing the skeletal muscle of untrained human beings. Sixteen students volunteered for the test. After three weeks of increasing the treadmill exercise before and after consuming Spirulina, blood samples of students were taken. The results showed, plasma concentrations decreased and the activity of blood superoxide dismutase (SOD) increased. The blood glutathione peroxidase and lactate dehydrogenase levels increased. The concentration of lactate was also higher. This is what extended the exhaustion time of an individual after consuming Spirulina. The results clearly demonstrated that consuming Spirulina prevented the skeletal muscle damage. This is what led to the extension of the exhaustion time even after an all-out exercise.

Considering all the above mentioned Spirulina nutrition facts, it can be said that Spirulina is definitely the best nutritional supplement in the market. Spirulina is available in different forms like tablets, flakes, and powder. Consuming Spirulina in powdered form in juices or liquids might not help you to hack the flavor of this nutritional supplement because it has a strong flavor. For those, it is better to take Spirulina in the form of capsules or tablets. Just make sure in how much dosage you need to consume the Spirulina tablets. During pregnancy, it is better to take the advice of a doctor before consuming Spirulina.

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