Is Spirulina Safe? 10 Reasons to Safely Depend on the Super Alga

If you are into superfoods or visit the local food store frequently, then you must have heard about the name Spirulina. This one is a variant of blue-green algae. Algae are freshwater plants which have innumerable health benefits for the human body. Spirulina is that variant of algae which is found on the surface of ponds. Yes, we know that being available on the surface of a pond brings out the question “is Spirulina safe?” Yes, it is justified to think is Spirulina safe or not. To clarify your doubt “is Spirulina safe or not”, researchers at Biosuperfood (BSF) can say that there are practically endless reasons to eat Spirulina.

Just like any other sea vegetables like kelp and Chlorella, as far as the nutritional component is concerned, Spirulina is grown all around the world because of its health benefits. You might have seen it in different supplements, beverages, and energy bars. You will get a lot of health benefits if you consume it regularly on a dose of one spoonful. It is the blue-green algae which are rich in nutrients and the color of it is because of a pigment, which is known as phycocyanin. The phycocyanin is responsible for the different health benefits of Spirulina. A lot of people don’t believe in the health benefits of Algae supplements or think “is Spirulina safe or not”. If you are still thinking is Spirulina safe to consume, let us tell you the 7 health benefits of Spirulina so that you know why it is safe to depend on it.

  1. Detoxing Heavy Metals

This is one of the most important health benefits of Spirulina. Heavy metals are the worst things that can affect the human body and at present, the heavy metals are causing innumerable health issues to us. Chronic arsenic toxicity is a problem affecting a lot of people around the world. If you are still thinking is Spirulina safe to consume or not, then let us tell you that according to World Health Organization, the USA is one of the major countries affected by chronic arsenic toxicity problem and the only solution at the moment is the Spirulina-zinc combination tablets. 3% of the total population of Bangladesh was affected by the arsenic toxicity issue and researchers of Bangladesh were not able to find a proper cure of arsenic toxicity. Ultimately, it was observed that consuming these blue-green algae at certain dosages reduced the arsenic poisoning among people. In an experiment, 24 patients who were affected by arsenic poisoning, were given a combination of Spirulina extract (250 mg) along with a combination of zinc (2mg) for twice a day. As a result, it was found that the patients experienced a 47% decrease of arsenic in the body.

  1. When People Ask, “is Spirulina Safe?” We Say It Prevents HIV/AIDS!

Epidemiologists were not able to get to a conclusion about why Japan, Chad, and Korea have low HIV/AIDS rates. The only reason is people of these countries consume a sufficient amount of algae on a regular basis. During an experiment, researchers took 11 HIV positive patients who didn’t take antiretroviral and they split the patients into three groups. One group consumed 5g of seaweed every day, the second group consumed 5g Spirulina and the third group was given a combination of both Spirulina and seaweed. After three months of experiment, it was observed that the patients, who consumed only seaweed and the combination of Spirulina and seaweed, didn’t show any improvements. But the patients who were given only 5g Spirulina had significant improvement in the CD4 cells which help in the generation of white blood cells. It fights HIV and decreases the HIV viral load remarkably. If you have any further doubt that is Spirulina safe to consume, then this should be a major reason to eat Spirulina.

  1. Eliminates Candida

For those who are not aware of Candida, let us tell you that Candida prevents the microflora balance in human body. In simple terms, without the microflora balance, we are much more vulnerable to a lot of diseases and sickness like leaky gut syndrome and improper digestive functions. Apart from this, Candidiasis is one of the major causes of mycosis related death in the USA. A lot of times we are reluctant to the algae products and foods. We wonder “is Spirulina safe”? The reality is, since the 1980s, our diet has shifted towards food which is rich in sugar content, anti-microbial contents, unnatural ingredients and ineffective antifungal drugs. But, fortunately, Spirulina can help. It is one of the best antimicrobial agents, which eliminates Candida. It also increases the growth of healthy bacterial flora in intestines and eliminates any Candida growing cells.

  1. Is Spirulina Safe? Of Course, It Prevents Cancer

A lot of times we wonder if there is a cheap and easily available supplement for preventing cancer. Subsequently, when we are advised to consume Spirulina, we ask “is Spirulina safe?” BSF researchers have got proven testimonials that Spirulina enhances the production of the antibodies, increases the immunity of the body and also the infection-fighting proteins. This is what helps in eradicating infection and chronic illness like cancer. Apart from its capability to control the blood cholesterol levels, the Spirulina is also rich in tetrapyrrolic compounds which are related to the bilirubin molecule. Bilirubin is a potent antioxidant and anti-proliferative agent. Spirulina comprises of effective properties of Bilirubin and this is why it is also an effective antioxidant and anti-proliferative agent.

  1. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

The benefits of Spirulina also include atherosclerosis and decrease the cholesterol levels in the blood. In an experiment, rabbits were fed with high cholesterol diets (0.5% cholesterol) for four weeks and then they were fed with supplements containing 1% and 5% of Spirulina for the next eight weeks. After the trial was complete, it was observed that the rabbits which were fed with 1% Spirulina showed 26% decrease in the cholesterol level and the rabbits which were fed with 5% of Spirulina showed 41% reduction in cholesterol levels. Thus, if you are still wondering is Spirulina safe or not, then it is clear that the more we consume Spirulina, the more we will reap the benefit of it.

  1. Lowers the Blood Pressure Levels

If you are still not sure is Spirulina safe or not, then you need to know that the phycocyanin in Spirulina comprises of the antihypertensive effects. In simple terms, it has the ability to reduce the blood sugar levels. According to the Japanese researchers, the reason for this ability of Spirulina is, since this one is blue-green algae, it reverses the endothelial dysfunction within the metabolic syndrome. This is extremely promising reason to use Spirulina because the metabolic syndrome is one of the major causes of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

  1. Speeds up the Process of Weight Loss

Do you want to know in real-time is Spirulina safe or not? Spirulina is rich in nutrition value and it promotes low fat in different ways. It takes a lot of energy to metabolize. For example, if you consume protein, it helps in maintaining lean tissue and enhances fat burning. It also reduces hunger and this is why overweight/ obese people will benefit a lot from it. To increase the benefit, it is better to consume high protein Spirulina in morning or during mid-day but it is better not to eat it at night.

  1. Increases Energy

People, who consume it regularly, have a lot of energy. It is suggested to consume 1 teaspoon of Spirulina with 12 Oz lime water or juice. You can also freeze the mixture in ice cube trays and then consume it with other health juices. Spirulina increases energy performance because they eradicate sugar from our cells and when it is frozen, cold from the ice will boost the metabolic energy and offers a wake-up call to our bodies.

  1. Reduces Sinus Issues

A lot of sinus patients are advised to consume Spirulina but they wonder “is Spirulina safe?” For the people affected with sinus, they need to know that Spirulina reduces inflammation in bodies. Inflammation is the main cause of Sinus. Spirulina is also effective in reducing running nose, nasal discharge, sneezing, nasal congestion, and itching.

  1. Reduces Liver Disease and Fights PMS

Spirulina is also essential for those who have liver issues because it helps in protecting against liver cirrhosis, liver failure, and liver damage. It prevents in chronic liver disease. Among a lot of health benefits of Spirulina, fighting PMS syndromes are also included. It prevents PMS cramps, bloating, mood swings and fatigue. Some women found that the PMS syndromes were completely eliminated.

If you are still wondering is Spirulina safe, whether it has got any side effects or not, then you must know that the quality and purity of Spirulina is at the highest level once they are processed. Since this one comes directly from the sea, all you have to do is just make sure that you buy the algae supplements which are free from contamination. That’s all. If you can do that then you won’t have to worry anymore is Spirulina safe or not.

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