Effectiveness of Dunaliella salina

The Effectiveness of Dunaliella salina in Preventing Skin Cancer

Dunaliella salina is a type of one-celled green microalgae which was first discovered in 1838 in Southern France. They belong to the category of halophiles. In simple terms, it means, these microalgae only grow in high-salt marine environments. After its discovery in the 18th century, D. salina was found in different locations of Europe and Algiers. During the 19th century, it was observed that these microalgae contain innumerable health benefits and also possessed a potential commercial value as food or dietary supplements. This helped us realize the effectiveness of Dunaliella salina.

The microalgae have been studied in the recent years for its health benefits. Because of their capability to produce high-level carotenoids and powerful antioxidants, they are used in dietary supplements. The species of D. salina is found prominently in Australia. In this blog, we are going to focus on the capability of D. salina in preventing cancer, but before that, let us offer you a brief detail about its amazing ability to survive the extreme salty marine environments.

The Amazing Survival Ability of Dunaliella salina

The outstanding health benefits of Dunaliella salina and its capability to survive have been the most interesting topics of research for a long period of time. The D. salina microalgae don’t have any cell wall. But because of their unique metabolic ability, they are able to survive in almost all the high concentrations of saturated brine, like the waters of the Dead Sea. To survive such extreme salty marine conditions, the organisms need to be a part of the salt production process. Since the microalgae are capable of growing only in the salty water, they are unique.

The ability to survive in salty water is also a primary reason for D. salina to contain β-carotene in high amount. The higher the salinity, the greater will be the concentration of β-carotene in D. salina. The requirement of saline water for these microalgae makes it easier to grow and also enhances the effectiveness of Dunaliella salina because it has got very few natural competitors under high-salt concentration environment. The conditions can be easily controlled and manipulated considering the commercial requirements. And with the manipulation of salinity, light conditions and restriction of nutrients, the formation of β-carotene can be stimulated.

Effectiveness of Dunaliella salina in Preventing Skin Cancer

The effectiveness of Dunaliella salina has also attracted the interest of numerous cancer researchers. The β-carotene supplements are used as one of the best sun protectants. When our skin is exposed to UV-irradiation for a prolonged time period, it causes photooxidative damage. This results in premature aging, skin cancer, and photodermatoses. Too much exposure of UV-irradiation reduces the carotenoid levels in the skin, causing all the above-mentioned issues. The β-carotene, present in Dunaliella salina inhibits the reduction of carotenoids, which protects skin health. The extracts of D. salina have effects on the skin cancer cells in vitro, causing the death of those skin cancer-causing cells.

According to a research performed at the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, the effectiveness of Dunaliella salina is due to the presence of a certain type of β-carotene which is known as 9-cis-β-carotene. This particular β-carotene is ten times stronger than any other β-carotene when it comes to preventing cancer. In another research done by the Institute of Cancer Research in Nanjing, China, they have isolated another type of β-carotene from D. salina which is known as β-CDS (Cyclodextrins). When this new extract was applied to the cancer cells, it prevented them from multiplying. Thus, it was evident that β-CDS extracted from D. salina is one of the most effective anti-cancer agents.

Considering the effectiveness of Dunaliella salina in preventing skin cancer, it was observed that the carotenoids from D. salina are 55% stronger in preventing the development of cancerous cells compared to any other β-carotene. Dunaliella salina boosts the action of immune cells and enhances the activities of the immune system. The presence of macrophages and spleen cells identify cancerous cells and destroy them. The effectiveness of Dunaliella salina in preventing skin cancer is a direct result of the microalgae acting on the immune cells.

The effectiveness of Dunaliella salina in protecting the skin is not only limited to the inhibition of skin cancer. The Vitamin A, present in the microalgae, is extremely beneficial for both the skin and eyes. The antioxidants present in the microalgae is very useful in fighting the free radicals present in the body and these antioxidants also help in fighting cataract, wrinkles of skin and also cardiovascular diseases. D. salina also comprises of another carotenoid, which is known as Zeaxanthin. It is a great antioxidant which helps in preventing skin cancer and progressive vision loss. Dunaliella salina produces good quality Zeaxanthin in large amounts.

Since the microalgae are rich in antioxidants, it helps in fighting skin infections and enhances the healing process in damaged cells. Stopping the multiplication of cancer-causing cells and increasing the ability of the cells to heal, are the two primary reasons that portray the effectiveness of Dunaliella salina in inhibiting skin cancer.

Additional Health Benefits of Dunaliella salina

The effectiveness of Dunaliella salina is displayed in other health benefits as well. Dunaliella salina is one of the rich sources of minerals like magnesium which is extremely vital for cell metabolism. Magnesium helps in the absorption of calcium within the body which ensures healthy bones and teeth. It also helps in maintaining the normal rhythmic activity of health and blood pressure.

Aging is one of the major health-related issues for almost every individual. D. salina not only prevents the Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), but it also helps in curing it. So, once you start consuming D. salina, the health benefits of it will ensure that you are not going to feel the age-related health issues.

The effectiveness of Dunaliella salina also extends to arteries of the human body. According to researchers, the microalgae is capable of reducing the vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation preventing the narrowing of arteries.

The microalgae have the capability of reducing oxidative stress associated with high cholesterol. It also prevents hypothyroidism. It prevents liver health by enhancing the antioxidant activity and decreasing the lipid peroxidation. Finally, the effectiveness of Dunaliella salina powder is also visible in the aquaculture industry where it is used as one of the healthiest food coloring agents for offering the farmed salmon and shrimps an attractive pink color.

Adequate nutrition is the most important element of a healthy lifestyle which is associated with a low risk of chronic illness. Consuming dietary supplements containing Dunaliella salina prepared by Biosuperfood ensures the best health conditions. This is one of the unique constituents of a healthy diet and the effectiveness of Dunaliella salina have a major role in protecting skin cancer in human body. Apart from that, the microalgae provide innumerable health benefits. It cannot be denied that Dunaliella salina is one of the best wonders obtained from the seas and other extremely salty marine environments. It comes with all the goodness of nature. Biosuperfood offers the best-in-class dietary supplements keeping D. salina in an uncompromised quality. If you want to get the top-notch dietary supplements, get in touch with Biosuperfood. To get a clear perspective of the dietary supplements offered by Biosuperfood, you can have a look at our testimonials section.

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