Why is It Imperative to Harness Blue-Green Algae Health Benefits?

Blue-green Algae (BGA) is known to be one of the most primitive life forms on earth. They have been consumed by human beings for a long period of time. The blue-green algae health benefits have been evident for centuries. One of the primary reasons why the BGA have been consumed by people in different forms is because of the presence of different bioactive components like carotenoids, Phycocyanin, γ-linolenic acid plant sterols, and fibers. These are capable of promoting optimal health in the human body.

According to researchers, most of the BGA species or their active counterparts have got total plasma cholesterol and triglyceride reducing properties. The reason is, they are capable of modulating intestinal cholesterol absorption and hepatic lipogenic gene expression. The organic blue-green algae are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available on the planet. Among the mostly available blue-green algae, Spirulina is consumed by the majority of people. In this blog, we are going to offer a detailed perspective on why is it imperative to harness blue-green algae health benefits. But before that, it is important to shed light on a few factors.

What are Blue-Green Algae? 

Blue-green algae are also known as Cyanobacteria. These are actually a group of photosynthetic bacteria which a lot of people consider as “pond scum”. These are most of the times blue and green in color, but you might also see some other shades like reddish-purple, brown or simply green. The blue-green algae grow mostly in lakes, ponds and any other slow-moving water bodies. In the right environmental conditions, the blue-green algae can grow very quickly. Most species of blue-green algae are buoyant and they will continue to float in water in the form of scum layers. When the BGA form layers while floating, it is regarded as “blue-green algae bloom”. Most blue-green algae bloom occur between mid-June to late September. Sometimes, BGA bloom is also observed in Winter and even under ice. It’s not always the same species of BGA that bloom in a given waterbody. The dominant species can change over a certain season.

How are Blue-Green Algae Different from True Algae?

Just like a true alga, the blue-green algae comprise of a portion of the phytoplankton in different water bodies. But the blue-green algae are generally not eaten up by other aquatic organisms and this is exactly why they are not very important to the food chain. On the other hand, the true algae are important to the food chain.  They are regarded as the “primary producers” of the food chain. These microorganisms are capable of converting sunlight and other inorganic chemicals into usable energy for any other living organisms. Most of the BGA are microscopic and they are the reason for the “high energy” supply in the larger organisms like Zooplankton, that, in turn, are consumed by small fishes. Small fishes are then consumed by larger fishes and the chain goes on. 

Blue-Green Algae Health Benefit

Now that we have got a clear perspective about the blue-green algae, let us focus on what are the blue-green algae health benefits. Adding blue-green algae supplements to your diet will offer you with some astounding health benefits. Starting from eradicating the minor risk of diabetes to preventing cancer, algae health benefits cannot be ignored at all. There are various forms of blue-green algae available, but the most popular among them is Spirulina and Chlorella. 

Comprises of Important Nutrients: This is one of the most important algae health benefits. Consuming blue-green algae supplements will help you in adding a lot of important nutrients in your diet. For instance, Spirulina contains vitamins and minerals in large amount. Just two tablespoons of Spirulina powder contain more than 40% of the recommended daily dose of copper and more than 20% of your recommended iron intake. Considering algae health benefits, the blue-green algae supplements contain different forms of vitamins like Vitamin B1, B2, and B3. The blue-green algae are also one of the best sources of protein and minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium. The amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals make the blue-green algae supplements as a superfood on its own. 

Eradicates Precancerous Mouth Sores: Preventing precancerous mouth sores is one of the best algae health benefits. This is exactly why it has become a very popular home remedy for those who are at risk of oral cancer. Patients who consume blue-green algae supplements, they have observed a reduction in the size of their lesions and in most of the cases, the lesions have completely disappeared. The ulcers start developing again once they have stopped consuming blue-green algae supplements. The algae health benefits include preventing precancerous sores, ulcers, and lesions, making it the best household remedy. 

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Having anti-inflammatory properties is another important aspect of the algae health benefits. Algae prevent inflammation within the human body by preventing the production of those cells that cause it. It cannot be denied that chronic inflammation is related to serious health issues like cancer, periodontitis, hay fever, and atherosclerosis. Blue-green algae prevent inflammation within your body and eradicate any possibilities of the above-mentioned health issues. The algae health benefits also include preventing our body from diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Reduces Blood Sugar: Preventing diabetes by reducing blood sugar level is another important factor that comes within the horizon of algae health benefits. Especially for the patients with Type 2 Diabetes, the blue-green algae can be one of the most valuable resources for preventing it. If you consume 1 teaspoon of Spirulina on a regular basis, it will be enough for reducing both long and short-term glucose levels. Patients who are not on insulin, they find it extremely helpful to consume blue-green algae supplements because they don’t have to re-configure their diet plans entirely. Diabetes can become life-threatening if left untreated and this is exactly why you need to harness blue-green algae health benefits.

Lowers Cholesterol: Blue-green algae reduces cholesterol levels that helps in preventing cholesterol deposition. This, in turn, inhibits the deadliest of all health conditions – the heart disease. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most remarkable algae health benefits. If you consume blue-green algae on a regular basis, it reduces LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol and triglyceride levels. These are harmful cholesterols within the human body. Along with preventing these harmful cholesterols, blue-green algae also increase the beneficial cholesterols like HDL (high-density lipoprotein). 

Helps in Controlling HIV: While discussing algae health benefits, we cannot miss out how Spirulina and other blue-green algae help in reducing the growth of HIV and prevents AIDS in the human body. The immunity of an AIDS patient is completely damaged and this is where the algae health benefits come into action. Blue-green algae supplements enhance the immunity of the body and the health conditions can improve if you consume these supplements on a daily basis. 

Helps to Reduce Weight: Obesity is one of the major concerns among people around the globe. According to a survey and research report published by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases in 2014, 2 out of 3 people have obesity issues in the USA. Blue-green algae supplements are one of the best elements for those who are looking to reduce weight quickly. The BGA nutritional supplements are high in protein. They help you in feeling less hungry and burn more calories. If you consume it in the morning, it can boost your metabolism for the day. Apart from that, because of its antimicrobial properties, the BGA supplements promote digestion. It enables the body to digest food and absorb the essential nutrients. This undoubtedly one of the most significant algae health benefits.

Relief from Allergies: During the change in seasons, it is difficult to find a cure every time we are down with allergies, common cold, and seasonal fevers. The blue-green algae supplements are the perfect remedy under such circumstances. It helps in preventing the inflammation in the nasal passage. If you consume a teaspoon of algae supplements every day, it will reduce sneezing, congestion, and itching.

Possible Concerns Associated with Blue-Green Algae

Well, there are innumerable algae health benefits, but at the same time, there are a few direct and indirect concerns associated with the blue-green algae. These concerns are not for the human beings but for the overall ecosystem. Discolored water is an aesthetic issue caused by blue-green algae, but when these algae reach bloom densities, they reduce light penetration. It can cause direct damage to phytoplankton. Other aquatic plants and because of this, the zooplankton and fish are affected indirectly because they depend on phytoplankton. Blue-green algae sometimes affect the taste of drinking water.

Algae health benefits cannot be ignored at all. Different variations of algae have been around the world for more than 2 billion years. They are used in the human diet in different forms for centuries. Bio Superfood prepares the top-notch dietary supplements. They are manufactured in the best-in-class facilities and controlled environment to make sure that the algae health benefits are absolutely intact. There are innumerable algae health benefits and you are missing out a lot if you are not consuming them. If you are planning to give algae supplements a try, then get in touch with Bio Superfoods today.

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